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Whenever you watch something in High-Definition, be it on a television, movie screen or computer, the image is clearer because it’s made up of pixels, or tiny digital points the size of a pin point. When all the pixels are combined together, they form the clear picture you see on the screen.  Airbrush makeup uses a technique called pointillism, where tiny microdots of color are sprayed onto the face. Therefore, airbrush makeup is pixel makeup. And since both airbrush makeup and high-def use tiny points of color to form optical pictures, they are extremely compatible with one another. Using airbrush makeup for high definition is the same as photo retouching a live person.  Another benefit to airbrush makeup is that it dries on contact. The second it lands on the skin, it dries to a matte or satin finish. Since there’s no need to put powder on top of it, the person’s skin shows around the dots of makeup and they have a natural, glowing look. In high def, traditional makeup like powder moves around and is visible on top of the skin. But with airbrush, the skin breathes and moves around instead of the makeup.
             Everyone’s skin is made up of light, medium, dark and blush shades. But when you make a person’s face look completely uniform with powder, and then paint color back onto the face, people begin to look the same, almost as if they were clones of each other. With airbrush makeup, the person’s unique skin colors show through. Don’t let the natural, light look of  airbrush makeup fool you, however. It is extremely durable and lasts for up to eighteen hours, another reason why it’s long considered a favorite among makeup artists on sets. It withstands the hot lights and lasts for the duration of a shoot. No touch-up is necessary, and since it dries on contact, there’s no waiting time for the makeup to set either. It works well with all types of studio lighting, from inside to outside, fluorescent to candescent.



*Delicate flawless finish also known as the "Airbrush Look"


*Very hygienic, hands and brushes never touch face, Dermatologist recommended


*Minimize the look of wrinkles and fine lines


*Light to maximum coverage


*Has appearance of radiant supple skin

*Lightweight application

*Blemishes, age spots, redness, large pores and acne can be softened or appear to vanish


*Exact (99.99%) foundation color match only possible through airbrush


*No more foundation mask, blends into your neck


*Great on face and body


*Lasts up to 12-18 hours


*Transfer free


*Water resistant