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Q: Can I get my lips bright red, like fire engine red?
A: No, no matter what brand of pigment is used, you will never get fire engine red lips because of the blue undertones present in all natural lips. This blue mixing with red will create a pink or mauve tone, not a true red. Our lip colors are designed to give you the sexiest look possible for everyday wear. Your professional can custom blend our lip colors to give you something that defines your lips better, but don't expect fire engine red.


Q: If I have a lot of melanin in my skin, can I get a brighter berry color for my lips?
A: People who naturally have very dark lips have a lot of melanin in their skin, which tends to turn pigment darker than it's original shade. Berry shades and brighter colors MAY be achieved for your lips, but it is more difficult to do. Have your professional do a patch test on your lip first to see how certain colors heal up. Often, these lips types require lip colors that look very bright before implantation, so that they can heal to your desired color.


Q: Why do my lips look like I lost all my color?
A: Lips are made up of very thin skin with a lot of blood flow underneath the dermal layer—hence the natural pink color. Increased circulation, combined with the natural exfoliation of your lips, makes it very hard for lips to retain color. This is why lips are usually not considered complete until after two or three treatments.


Q: What should I do during the healing process for my lips?
A: See our Post Treatment Instructions for Lips for more details.


Q: I have a history of cold sores; can I get my lips done?
A: Yes, if you have ever had a cold sore you should know that cold sores are actually symptoms of herpes simplex type 1. At least one in five people in the United States have this disease. If your case if severe, simply inform your technician and prepare for your procedure by ordering any appropriate prescription medication.


Q: I have never had cold sores, am I clear to have my lips done?
A: 1 in 5 people have this virus and don't know it, if you are concerned, you can order appropriate medication as a precaution.







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