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The most innovative services in advanced esthetics.


Bring out your finest looks and illuminate your complexion! Regain the smooth, soft, lovely skin nature intended. A sluggish face can be rejuvenated by customized facials and skin care regimens designed by Masters At Werk.
Master At Werk will determine what type of skin care treatment is right for you. Come see us soon.

A NON-SURGICAL FACE LIFT, the only "gym for your face" on the planet.

Our most popular service. The Microcurrent facial involves the use of safe, painless, low-level, waveform-shaped currents (electrical impulses) which work to “reprogram” the muscles to nearly original muscle shape. The gentle electrical impulses actually rehabilitate each muscle and improve circulation, texture, tone, and fine lines. Regular use of microcurrent will continue to provide muscle strength and restore freshness to appearance. Result is accumulative, a series of treatments are recommended.

Get a quick lift in less time! Utilizing Microcurrent technology, the turbo lift facial service is perfect for a special occasion or a night out. Offers immediate, dynamic results. This revolutionary treatment visibly contours the face, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, reduce sagging jowls and double chins, and yield a youthful glow. Result is accumulative, a series of treatments are recommended.

A fast, targeted facial, to address the expressions around the forehead and eye area. Muscles are stimulated with the unique ‘Suzuki Sequencing’ micro-current technology. The skin is infused with concentrated products to reduce muscle contraction in expressive areas to hydrate and plump. Result is accumulative, a series of treatments are recommended.



Do you have a part of your body that you just can’t seem to ever get toned?

Skin, fat, muscle, connective tissue, the circulatory and lymphatic systems are stimulated effectively with Masters At Werk's non-surgical body sculpting and cellulite reduction protocol. Helps slim, tighten, tone, lift, firm, shape and rejuvenate problematic areas for a healthier & smoother appearance.

(Anti-Cellulite treatment also available on its own with no skin tightening/muscle toning).

LED light therapy penetrates through the epidermis into the dermis layer of the skin, energizing the cells that are responsible for producing collagen and ATP (Andenosine Triphosphate). Over time the dermis layer fills up with collagen pushing the fold of the wrinkle out. Collagen helps to plump up the skin thus diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. Also helps detoxify the skin & kill P. acne bacteria.

Thermo-Lo can treat numerous conditions including sun/age spots, small skin tags, spider veins, milia, acne, cholesterol deposits, & more. It is a minimally invasive procedure which uses tiny probes on or just under the surface of the skin to dehydrate and remove skin conditions using a minor current.


Anti-Aging Radiance Peel - ​Gently smooths out & resurface the skin for a nice glow. Minimal to no downtime. Contains vitamins A, C, E, green tea, grapeseed extract, glycolic, malic, salicylic & lactic acids.


Using Microcurrent technology to help drain lymph that may cause unpleasant puffiness and tired looking eyes.

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