what is itec?

Atelier Esthétique® Institute of Esthetics is proud to be the first American school affiliated with the International Therapy Examination Council, or “ITEC”.

ITEC is the largest multi-disciplinary international examination board, issuing 28 professional diplomas that are recognized and respected by employers in more than 30 countries. ITEC’s diplomas are widely considered to be the highest professional standing that an esthetician can currently hold, and they are easily transportable from country to country. Presently, they are widely considered to represent the highest esthetic quality in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa, enabling members to work in a wide variety of spas, salons, resorts, cruise liners, TV/theatre make-up, holistic centers, clinics, medical esthetics, and other health and leisure centers worldwide.

In 2004, ITEC expanded its global span even more by introducing their education and testing program to the United States in affiliation with Atelier Esthétique® Institute of Esthetics. This addition will quickly add the U.S. to the list of countries where an international diploma is not a novelty, but a necessity for denoting excellence in esthetics. In fact, some U.S.-affiliated companies, such as Steiner Cruise Lines, which is based in Miami, are already requiring that their estheticians be ITEC-certified.

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