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Learn the powerful manual technique known as Softap, located in the Tri-State area (Middletown, NY). Whether you're a beginner or looking to continue education, our hands on training can provide you with the skills needed to set you apart. Choose multiple classes or just one, the option is yours. Classes include: Basic & advanced Eyebrows (Advanced Hairstrokes), Eyeliner, Lips, Color Corrections, and Removal.  With the benefit of one on one training you'll leave confident and ready to take on the competitive market of permanent makeup.


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Why learn the Softap Hand Method?

The Softap Hand Method is gentle & comfortable for both the client and the practitioner. You have complete control over where and how the pigment is implanted. This gives you freedom to create the most natural looks in permanent cosmetics.

What can I expect from this training?


Q: How long is your class? (how many hours/days)

A: A typical Masters At Werk Softap Eyebrow class is 40 hours over the course of 5 days.

(Days & times vary if multiple classes are taken together).

Q: What is included in your class?

A: You can expect to learn the following:

-Health & Safety (Bloodbourne Pathogens)

-Skin & Facial Anatomy

-Color Theory (Softap Colors)

-The Softap Hand Method (Technique with Softap Needles)

-Hands-on supervised procedures with live models

-Marketing & Consultations

-Clinical Photography

-Lunch will be provided everyday.

-Softap Eyebrow Kit

-We will help you to become certified & insured in your state.

Q: What can I do with my Softap training?

A: Add Softap Permanent Cosmetics to your salon or spa, bring your skills to a plastic surgeon's office or a hospital, start your own independent business, and/or do charity work for cancer patients & others who have lost their natural features.

Crossing over from a machine

Do you currently practice PMU but use another method, such as a machine? Many machine users find the hand method to be very comfortable for them, or just well suited to a particular procedure, such as brows, eyes, or lips. Many more find that the artistic nature of the hand method calls to their inner creativity, and they find that this more than satisfies their needs. Explore a whole new world of beauty & freedom with the Softap Hand Method.

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