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Learn the powerful manual technique known as Softap est. 1988, located in the Tri-State area (Middletown, NY). With our hands-on training, you can acquire the skills that will set you apart, whether you are a beginner or interested in continuing your education. Choose multiple classes or just one; the choice is yours. Categories include Basic & Advanced Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lips, Paramedical, Color Corrections, Removal, & Microblading/Machine Crossover. With the benefit of one-on-one training, you'll leave confident and ready to take on the competitive market for permanent makeup.

Why learn the Softap Hand Method?

The Softap Hand Method is gentle & comfortable for both the client and the practitioner. You have complete control over where and how the pigment is implanted. This gives you artistic freedom to create the most natural looks in permanent cosmetics.

MAW Softap Models
Become a PMU model for our students. Simply call or fill out the form below.
Please state in the message section what type of PMU you'd like to be a model for (Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lips, Correction).
Special pricing available.

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