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Full permanent makeup services, tastefully done.


"The no makeup, makeup look"

Natural Permanent Makeup Solutions

Excellent reputation for safety and beauty
since 1988.

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Is SofTap® Right For Me?

Of course it is! SofTap® is right for anyone who wants permanent makeup, but wants it done gently, naturally, and beautifully.

SofTap® is perfect for people who:

· Wear makeup every day, or feel "washed out" without it
· Are tired of applying makeup every day and removing it every night
· Need to pencil in eyebrows and have trouble drawing them on
· Have sparse areas in their brows and want to look younger
· Have no brows and want a nice set
· Have pale lips and want more color
· Have unshapely lips and want them symmetrical
· Work out a lot and have problems with smeared makeup
· Have allergies to traditional makeup
· Have had surgery or injuries and want to cover scars
· Have alopecia or vitiligo
· Have lost hair due to chemotherapy
· Are sensitive/have low pain tolerance

There are many more applications for permanent makeup than those listed here. Young and old people of any race or gender can have SofTap® applied.

Young people often have SofTap® applied, the most common treatments are:

· A basic eyeliner, very natural, very subtle. Easy to add to for a night out, or go bare for casual, daily wear.
· A soft fill for eyebrows—fill in those missing spots so no one knows you pencil.
· Lip feathering, so they are always ready to be kissed.

Other popular procedures include:

· Eyebrow reconstruction—if you are missing your brows, we can design them just the way you draw them in.
· Moderate eyeliner, so you always look made up in no time.
· Full lip procedures are for people who feel like their lips have disappeared. We can make them appear fuller, younger, and more colorful with a lip procedure.

Men get SofTap® too! The most popular treatments for men are:

· Soft, subtle eyebrow fills—spruce up your eyebrows with a bit of natural pigment and you can look ten years younger in just one treatment.

Benefits of the SofTap® Hand Method, Maximum Comfort

The first question that friends and family ask is "Did it hurt?" The most common answers are "It wasn't bad at all", "I fell asleep", "Tweezing hurts more", I'm going back to get everything else done". If you are more sensitive than most, all you have to do is tell your SofTap® professional, and they can slow their application process to make you more comfortable. SofTap® is so gentle—you have to feel it to believe it.

How is it Done?

The method by which your permanent cosmetics are applied depends simply on your preference and choice of professional. Permanent cosmetics can be applied with specialized tattoo equipment; this is perfectly acceptable. However, many professionals prefer to use SofTap® hand tools when applying permanent makeup to facial tissue. The SofTap® hand method is a highly controlled and very gentle way to implant permanent color into the skin.

During the procedure, sterile SofTap® tools are dipped in SofTap® color and then gently tapped throughout the area according to the design. This method is gentle, noiseless, non-invasive, and gives the most natural look in permanent cosmetics. Eyebrows are soft and feathery, lips are luscious and natural, and eyeliner is always alluringly beautiful.

Your permanent cosmetic professional has complete control over where pigment is deposited with the SofTap® hand method. Every move, every touch is at your SofTap® professional's complete discretion. You can relax and enjoy becoming beautiful knowing that your results will always be perfect. Talented artists with gentle hands design your cosmetics exactly as you want them, down to the tiniest point of color.

SofTap® color is applied to sterile needles and implanted under the epidermis, just at the surface of the skin's dermal layer. This method is very controlled and very efficient.

After implantation, the pigment rests and is covered by the epidermis as the skin heals, giving the pigment a softer look than its initial implantation.

The final result is a very natural, very soft look for everyday makeup.

The Results of Permanent Makeup

The results of your procedure will vary depending on the method used to implant color, the colors used, and everyday environmental factors. You must expect your permanent cosmetic procedure to fade somewhat over time, as your face will be more exposed to the elements than the rest of your body. Maintain your permanent cosmetics by visiting your technician regularly for touch ups as you need them, this depends on the color you chose and the type of application. If you chose a light color and light application, you may need to come back more often than those who choose a darker color and darker application. We recommend lighter colors and applications more regularly as these look the most natural.

Fast Healing Time

Because SofTap® is so gentle, brow procedures can be done without any topical at all. This is great because the less topical used, the faster your skin will heal. In addition, to expedite the healing process, SofTap® professionals can give you the SofTap® post treatment ointment RecoverAll. It is fabulous! It immediately traps the color into the skin, soothes any irritation, and instantly begins the healing process.

Choosing a Permanent Cosmetic Professional

Choosing a permanent cosmetic professional can be one of the most important decisions you make for yourself. Because this procedure is permanent, you need to make sure you see someone very skilled and who is a good personal match for you. Shop for skill and personality, not price. Communication is very important to a permanent makeup procedure. If your technician listens to you, works with you, and genuinely understands what you want, you will have a positive experience.

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