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"The professional cost effective alternative"




45 Minutes

Avg. 8 shades

  • Immediate Results

  • Long Lasting

  • Safe & comfortable

  • Supervised by a

       trained professional



ZOOM: Avg. $500.00

Little to none

ZOOM: Little to high


How Do We Compare to ZOOM®?


ZOOM!® has been the industry standard for the most effective whitening for years.  It utilizes prescription strength hydrogen peroxide and it does do a great job at whitening teeth.  But, for about $500, that’s a bit expensive!

Our process is virtually identical to ZOOM!®, except that we use the highest strength NON-prescription strength hydrogen peroxide and our prices are less than HALF of ZOOM!®.

So whats the difference in results?  Our clients that have done both ZOOM!® and our Beaming White procedure reported that the results are exactly the same.  On the other hand, the risks associated with ZOOM!® are substantial.  The biggest risk is chemical burns on the gums from the much higher strength peroxide.  Therefore, the dentist must first applied what is called a gingival barrier to the gums.  The risk of tooth sensitivity is much greater too.  We had one client tell us that the sensitivity during the ZOOM!® was so bad he had to walk out half way through the process.

We feel that as the concentration of peroxide increases the degree of whitening levels off.  This is similar to adding more detergent to your laundry…its not going to make your clothes any cleaner, but the risk of problems increases.

Until now, ZOOM!® has been the undisputed king of whitening.  But with the advent of our Beaming White Advanced Application Kit, we can honestly say, there’s a new king in town.

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