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Q: Can I come in with my brows drawn on as I like them?
A: Yes, if they are exactly perfect and drawn just how you like them, your SofTap® professional can create an outline, thoroughly cleanse your skin and get right to work. This can save you both a lot of time, especially if you draw in your brows with the color chosen at your consultation.


Q: Why do my eyebrows look so dark during the healing process?
A: This is a result of the natural oxidation process that takes place in the skin once pigment has been implanted. The color reacts slowly with oxygen in the air, turning it darker. This is a completely natural and normal occurrence for our pigments.


Q: I had my brows done and they're too dark, can I change the color?
SofTap® colors are truly awesome in this respect. We can change red to brown, black to blonde—there are many possibilities. If your brows are too dark, schedule an appointment for a color correction. Keep in mind that going from light to dark is much easier than going from dark to light. The number of applications will vary according to how drastic the change is.




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