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Q: I want my eyelashes to look fuller, like when I can't get off all my makeup, can you do this?
A: Absolutely! SofTap® professionals love this. We do it so often we call it the Eyelash Enhancement.


Q: I put my eyeliner in that flat area inside my eyelashes, close to my eye. Can you implant color here?
A: No, implanting color in the grey line of your eyes can damage your meibomian glands and cause a number of health concerns including dry eye.


Q: What should I do during the healing process for my eyes?
A: See our Post Treatment Instructions for Lash Enhancement for more details.


Q: Can you do eye shadow?
A: The skin of the eyelids is the thinnest and most delicate on your whole body. While some minimal shading can be done above your lash line, eye shadow is not advised.

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