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What to Expect


Some of the most fantastic work in permanent makeup is seen with SofTap® lip procedures. The results are as they should be—a soft and natural enhancement to your existing lip.


Lip procedures are some of the most design intensive and technically difficult treatments to perform. The lips are tactile organs, with very thin skin that is constantly being exfoliated by natural processes. This exfoliation makes it difficult for color to remain true after the procedure. We need to implant color beneath these skin layers, deep in the dermis, for it to remain there. As a result your perfect lips are more likely to be achieved after two or three treatments, instead of the usual one.


Lip procedures are pricier than Lash Enhancement (ranging in $450 & up) because more labor is involved. Lips need to be shaped perfectly, outlined precisely, and filled in using many different tools and techniques.

Topical anesthetic is used to numb the outside of the lip, and an oral anesthetic is used for the inside.

Typically treatments are completed within two hours, however time varies depending on the extent of design and skin type. Crooked and receded lips may take more time than shapely or less mature lips.


After the procedure, expect some tightness and sensitivity--this is due to swelling and natural collagen formation. Lips do form some natural collagen as part of their local inflammatory response. This may last a few days. See our Post Treatment Instructions for Lips to learn about caring for your new lips.

Do expect some fading of color--your lips are not going to stay as dark as they were after your first treatment. Some clients find that nearly all of their color disappears, which is why more than one application is recommended. Once color is permanently implanted, expect your final results to be about three shades lighter than they were right after your last procedure.


Once your lips are set, they're set. The color will be permanent and it is unlikely you will need a touch up. Be careful though! You may want more!

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